Barre is a stylish, upbeat fitness class taking elements from both ballet and pilates to create a fabulous, fitness fusion! Classes are focused on improving posture, co-ordination, balance, core strength, leg tone and strength and great for enhancing flexibility.  This all results in greater confidence and the appearance of a longer, leaner physique.

Classes are great fun, energizing and challenging. The challenge largely comes from the fact that they target muscle groups in specific ways that aren’t necessarily used in everyday movement. 

The most brilliant thing about barre is that you don’t have to have any previous dance background, making it welcome to everyone! So, get your fitness gear on and give Chloe’s 10 minute barre class preview a go!

Barre Class Preview

Client Reviews

“I have recently started barre classes with Chloe and I am so glad I did! As a dancer Chloe brings In-depth knowledge to her teaching and her style is very motivational. She is passionate about what she does and will always seek feedback and look for new ways of delivering the best class possible. She cares about each individuals experience. Her classes are challenging and gets me working harder than I normally would and I can already feel the benefit!”

– Debbie

“Chloe makes barre fun, yet still challenging. The benefits are huge, not least improved co-ordination, but feeling stronger and fitter. I am always glad I have done Chloe’s class feeling so much better for it.”

– Helen

“Having run for many years and in the latter ones suffered from numerous injuries, I can see a huge difference in my lower body strength resulting in less issues. Chloe’s classes are challenging, her instruction clear and she is very passionate, wanting everyone to enjoy the experience.”

– Paula

“Chloe has a good way of pushing you a little bit further each time and as soon as you starting thinking it’s too difficult, we move onto the next exercise – so it all feels achievable. I look forward to Chloe’s classes every week.”

– Sarah

“Chloe is such an inspiration, she has great energy so her classes are fun, challenging and a great whole body & mind workout – the combinations really make you think!”

– Katherine

“When it was suggested I attend a ‘ballet’ fitness class, I immediately thought it wasn’t for me owing to my excessive clumsiness and general uncoordinated posture.  Anyway, I turned up and loved it!  Hard work but fantastic fun and really strengthened my legs – actually making me slightly less clumsy!  Thank you Chloe!”