Your Journey:

  • Starts with a free online consultation involving an in-depth conversation to see where you currently are, your lifestyle history and your goals. This consultation is a great opportunity to get to know each other.
  • A free Personal Training session for me to assess where you currently are and plan a programme tailored to your needs and goals.
  • You will receive a flexible workout programme through an app tailored to your goals allowing you to maximise your time and energy, working around your own clock.
  • Additionally, I will calculate your nutritional needs tailored to your goals through an app and when needed will be realigned based on how your body is responding.
  • We will check in with other factors such as mindset, stress, sleep, digestion weekly, to enhance your quality of life and allows me to always support and help you progress.
  •  I will be available everyday to answer any questions or queries you may have.
  • Private video calls. During this video call we will re assess goals, work through any new potential barriers to change, work on strategic strategies to create new habits, break down barriers and accomplish goals to create a sustainable and happy way of living. 
  • You will have login details giving you access to the private members area.  There will be weekly posts varying from nutritious delicious recipes, exercise technique videos, eat out nutritional information and fun workout challenges.

When you are ready, please get in touch!